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  1. Thanks Fraser for your help and advice
  2. Thanks Fraser. Server been coming up on Geo filter about London area or just below to the left. Sometimes noticed its been a player showing. I live up in the glasgow area. Cheers Pete
  3. Okay thanks about modem / DMZ Checked Netduma no Rapp showing up on screen all good. Everything loaded up fine thanks. Average ping , is that the bottom right of Geo filter ? Played a few games of Modern Warfare out of three games Readings below first game 22 to 32 second game 29 to 38 third game 19 to 25 I do not have ping assist set not sure what to set it at. Thanks again
  4. Hi Fraser thanks for your help. Will check this out have not been on today. Will get back to you on the average ping. I put it in modem mode, would I better put it in DMZ ? Thanks Pete
  5. I had this coming up on screen yesterday in " The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using the Rapp. "It also took a lot of time to load geo filter QOS etc. Is that okay or have I done something ? I have messed around with settings on R2 for modern warfare, think I am doing something wrong ? I had the R1 as well , not the greatest player but enjoy it. I know there are a lot of girls and guys out there are brilliant at the game, but usually I get a kill then get killed that's my level which I am fine with that. One thing I fine I probably not set up right but I am shooting at someone while they were shooting at me and they kill me watch kill cam and I have not even lifted my gun and they have turned round and shot me. Feel somethings I am lagging. Can you explain how this happens ? I have 100 mb download virgin broadband and about 10 mb upload. I understand that gaming online does not need mega speeds like your Broadband provider says ? I set gaming for xbox on QOS about 85 download and upload. Is there any other things I can set ? I also set geo filter 654 km
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