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  1. So I have another router that I have set up as a wireless bridge to the XR500. My problem Im coming across with is I can't seem to log into this second router so I can config and change the WIFI SSID. I read online that I should be able to identify the IP address of the second though my main router (XR500) DHCP list. I did that but the XR500 is not showing the IP address and just blank. The only reason I was able to identify the second router on the XR500 was through the MAC address. Can someone assist me and possibly be me some suggestions so I can resolve this? FYI, my devices that are connected to this second router can access the internet via Wifi and hardwired. This second router is connected to the XR500 via WIFI.
  2. Ok so I tried on chrome and I got this error " Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined "
  3. I've only recently upgraded last Saturday and only last night I actually took a look around the new OS because I was trying to set up a static IP for my Xbox One X. I went through all the tabs and when I went to Network Settings I immediately received the error, I've done no changes to the settings. I will take a screen shot when I get home from work. Network - DHCP, I'm assuming is where the Network settings tab is that's why I can't find it. Correct?
  4. Can someone help me figure out how to set up static IP for my devices such as consoles. I can't seem to find this option. Also when I try to load the network settings page I get a script error.
  5. When I use the browser on my PS4 and ran a test on test sites they were similar to what I was getting on my PC. I even did bufferbloat tests and they were similar.
  6. If that test server is base of Seattle then that would make sense since I'm on the Northeast US. Do you know if pubg uses their own servers or xbox ( Microsoft's servers?
  7. I have not done that to be honest. Thanks for bringing that up. On the PS4 I use the browser to run a test on the speed test site. Does the Xbox have it's own browser also? I can probably compare both console and PC.
  8. I play pubg on the X and I feel like my shots don't register as it should be. I lose engagements that I feel I shouldn't have, especially if I had the jump on them first. Also when I'm shooting at them I'm not seeing any blood splatter sometimes even if my reticle is on . Out of frustration I wanted figure out why this is happening so I ran a test I in the Xbox. Although my Download and upload is pretty good, my latency is around 80- 100ms. Did the tests numerous times and it's very consistent. Latency is just very high. Anyone have some tips on how I can lower latency to maybe below 50ms? I have everything on the Duma on the right settings to the best of my knowledge but maybe I'm missing something? Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  9. Where is the Netduma OS, y'all promised for us R1 owners? Wasn't it said it'll be released on April? Can we get an update?
  10. Aright I'm not new to the duma army so I don't know whats going on. It seems like every time I log into the router my settings aren't being saved. It resets every time. I have cookies enabled, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. When I do get it set up. My internet becomes hella slow. Why? The router's page takes forever to load. I've tried different browsers and I get the same results.Can any admin/mod help me out.
  11. @Netduma Fraser Is ther a reeeason why I don't see anyone on my geo? Like nothing at all, just an empty map.
  12. To be honest guys, this router is useless for Destiny. It's not the router , but just damn Destiny.
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