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  1. Does the XR500 also have the same issue in regards to xbox party chat? I'm thinking of buying the router again.
  2. I started from scratch again and apparently I missed one step last time I put the R1 on the modems DMZ. That step was rebooting both R1 and modern. That seemed to fix it and now I have an open NAT. Will monitor it for another day and see if the issue comes back. Thanks for all the help guys!!
  3. Long story short my ISP doesn't support bridge mode on their provided modem/router combo unit even though there is that option to put the unit into "transparent bridge" mode. I have followed the steps on here to put the consoles and R1 into the ISP provided unit in the DMZ. That still gives me double NAT on the wireless connected Xbox one X and wired Xbox series X. When I try to put the provided ISP modem to "transparent bridge" mode I have no internet connection at all. Can anyone with some knowledgeable experience assist me on this issue? My provided ISP modem/router combo unit : ARRIS NVG448B My router : Netduma R1 OS FW
  4. It's been a while. Was using R1 and the XR500 and then ended up selling them for a mesh system, but I missed the Netduma OS features so I ended up buying a used R1 from someone. It's good to be back. Other routers are just not the same. Netduma for life! Lol
  5. I clicked on the Hybrid VPN -VPN set up-entered my username and password credentials I got from my VPN provider under the "advance setings" and and then clicked connect but it fails. What did I miss? I know under the Configuration line I didn't enter anything because I wasn't sure what to enter on it. Can anyone help?
  6. So I have another router that I have set up as a wireless bridge to the XR500. My problem Im coming across with is I can't seem to log into this second router so I can config and change the WIFI SSID. I read online that I should be able to identify the IP address of the second though my main router (XR500) DHCP list. I did that but the XR500 is not showing the IP address and just blank. The only reason I was able to identify the second router on the XR500 was through the MAC address. Can someone assist me and possibly be me some suggestions so I can resolve this? FYI, my devices that are connected to this second router can access the internet via Wifi and hardwired. This second router is connected to the XR500 via WIFI.
  7. Ok so I tried on chrome and I got this error " Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined "
  8. I've only recently upgraded last Saturday and only last night I actually took a look around the new OS because I was trying to set up a static IP for my Xbox One X. I went through all the tabs and when I went to Network Settings I immediately received the error, I've done no changes to the settings. I will take a screen shot when I get home from work. Network - DHCP, I'm assuming is where the Network settings tab is that's why I can't find it. Correct?
  9. Can someone help me figure out how to set up static IP for my devices such as consoles. I can't seem to find this option. Also when I try to load the network settings page I get a script error.
  10. When I use the browser on my PS4 and ran a test on test sites they were similar to what I was getting on my PC. I even did bufferbloat tests and they were similar.
  11. If that test server is base of Seattle then that would make sense since I'm on the Northeast US. Do you know if pubg uses their own servers or xbox ( Microsoft's servers?
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