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  1. its only open if i use my R1 instead of my R2... I dont want to use the R1 anymore which is why i got the R2 lol
  2. ISP 1. already done 2. already done 3. already done 4. already done R2 1. already done 2. already done 3. never even used it if i use my R1 i get open nat on my consoles, but still moderate on pc, on the R2 is moderate across the board
  3. yes, and it has been this entire time
  4. im trying to open my nat on cold war for PC If i try to open the ports i get this error My R2 is in the DMZ on my modem, i get a open nat on ps5, but moderate on PC
  5. back to moderate nat for no reason woo
  6. it keeps changing so i have to put the new one every few hours into the dmz on my modem under network settings, WAN, by default its set to DHCP, if i try to change anything under the static like how i had it on my R1 it fully locks me out of and i cant get the page to load anymore until i factory reset my R2 edit: i put the mac address of the router into my modem in the static ip lease list and set it through there. will update if my random disconnects still happen
  7. Disabling my firewall on PC did not change my nat type on call of duty MW2019 PS4 Disabling QOS did not change my nat type on Call of duty MW2019 PS4, In Fact disabling QOS literally cut the internet to my playstation 4 and i couldn't connect at all(Obtain IP Address Failed), when i turned it back on my nat changed back to open I changed literally nothing and it went open on my PS4 just now after turning back on QOS after it failed to obtain IP, still moderate on PC though Can i DM you something about another part of the router that id rather not post in an open forum?(its to do with some stuff under network settings) ill let you know if the nat type changes again on my PS4, id still like to be able to open it on PC though
  8. How? i don't have the geofilter even turned on at all Edit: my console is set to Spectating mode, since geo filter is irrelevant where i live
  9. getting nat type 2 if i do a network test on the console, showing as moderate in game, only on the R2. if i dmz the console in my ISP modem without going through the R2 ill get a open nat, if i plug in the R1 and DMZ the R1 ill get a open nat. my setup is Modem -> R2 -> PS4/PC Im getting nat issues with friends who i know are also on a moderate nat, and nothing on the PC is giving a open nat anymore either
  10. had open with the R1, now with the R2 i'm getting moderate on everything. console is in the DMZ on the r2 and the r2 is in the DMZ on my isp's modem
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