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  1. The same thing is happening to me as well. When i was playing Red Dead Redemption and NBA 2k online the receiving tick rate was down matching with the other tick rates, slightly above the ping.
  2. This is the Dallas server I.D. c2abc18c4a61c2c7 and Domain Name 7
  3. It's working good now. The cable company did a system reset and that worked. Thank you guys for your help
  4. I will do this as soon as I get home from work and I'll let you guys know. Thanks
  5. I forgot to tell you that the cable company put a amplifier on the cable line to amp up my connection, could it be the amplifier?
  6. It has nothing to do with the game itself, it's the r1 like I said. Everyone keep saying that it's cod but when I use my cable modem by itself there's no problem and the game plays good. It's like I'm rubberbanding or something with the r1.
  7. I have no problem with the geo filter. Everything seems to be good until the match in cod starts. When I start to run it lags and freezes and when I walk it slows down a lot like I'm in slow motion. I thought it was my controller until I started playing without the r1 and everything got better. My ping speed is always at 25-40ms with or without the r1
  8. It's the r1 and not my cable modem. When I play with the cable modem by itself I have no problems. When I play with netduma r1 my ping never gets better than 30ms (thats the same ping I get with my cable modem) and I lag and freeze all the time. I get a A+ on DSLREPORT WITH my cable modem and with the netduma r1 I get a A
  9. When I play any cod it lags and makes my player move slow and freeze for a split second. When I dont use the netduma r1 the game plays better and my ping never gets better or worse with either of the internet products. When playing with the netduma r1..... Netduma r1 is in DNA Bandwidth set at 250/12 (that's what I get from the provider) Anti-Flood set at 70/70 Device Prioritisation is checked Ps4 is in Hyper-Traffic Upnp is checked Ipv6 is disabled on WAN and LAN PS4 IN DHCP Lease In the Miscellaneous Settings I have Allow auto feedback checked Allow remote access checked Enable Cookies checked Turbo Mode checked (That's all that's checked) Cloud settings Enable auto cloud checked Bleeding edge cloud checked
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