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  1. Thank you for your reply! I have searched these forums and I have notice a lot of post about the SB8200 and some people having issues with this modem. I searched for the MB8600 and got a few post but not much issues that I can tell. I searched the CM1200 and I only found a couple post, maybe it is brand new. I have been leaning more towards the MB8600 or CM1200. Does anyone else have opinions on these modems or know a good site for reviews that is legit.
  2. I want to upgrade a modem I have been renting from Comcast for years. I want to actually buy my own modem and stop renting from them. I was hoping to get any suggestions from this awesome community on which modem you would select to purchase from previous experience or knowledge. I keep looking at these three modems below and I am not sure which one to buy. Motorola MB8600 Arris SB8200 Netgear CM1200 I don't need voice or a built-in router. I know my speeds will not fully utilize these modems above, but that is cool with me. These modems above are on the approved list from Comcast. ISP: Comcast Router: XR700 Download: 120 Upload: 12 Thank you for your time
  3. Please add me to the list. I would like to test it on the XR700.
  4. Yes, the console speed test. I know it’s not as accurate but on the old firmware it would give me a download and upload speed of 20 / 2. I would say it was about 95 percent consistent and was fast displaying the results. Now it is not very consistent and appears to take longer to display the results. I can get the 20 / 2 to display but it feels more rare now and I have seen the download as low as 6 and the upload as low as 700 kbps.
  5. Yeah I am able to throttle my console but it doesn’t work when the Traffic Prioritization detects my game. So, if that is how it is designed, then do I just give my console a bigger percent on the pie chart to get my console priority over other devices?
  6. I am getting bad results on PlayStation as well after upgrading to DumaOS. Maybe others can test it on their setup.
  7. Okay that’s cool but how am I able to lower bandwidth for certain games and still have those game packets take priority over other devices in the network? I was able to do that on the old firmware. I sometimes get better results not using my full bandwidth on certain games.
  8. Yeah it was searching for a game for ten minutes with the radius around Texas and it never connected to it or a peer that match that domain name. Hopefully you will find a fix for this issue.
  9. I added that server information to that post and I will see if I ever connect to it when I get some time.
  10. On 10/28/2018 at 8:36 AM, Blacc-Kokaine said: This is the Dallas server I.D. c2abc18c4a61c2c7 and Domain Name
  11. I am wondering if this is by design, flaw, or I am doing something wrong because I get 4063 bandwidth with the dumaos classified games enabled but my upload slider is set to a max of 3. When I disable the dumaos classified games then I get the correct bandwidth of 2581. The old firmware I put my console on the hyper traffic and it would still obeyed to my upload speed that I set on the slider. This new feature from what I can see ignores the upload speed I set.
  12. The auto ping displays peers. What would the domain name say if it is a dedicated server?
  13. Fraser, what do you suggest I do then? I have rebooted before connecting to black ops 4 and have the filter around Texas. The only thing I connect to is peers which the connection quality is random and migrating host pops up a lot. I have also set the radius to 800 miles and I still only seem to connect to peers. It feels like the dedicated servers blocked my IP! It also takes a long time to find a game which I believe is because I can only connect to peers. I look at other issues in this forum and I am not the only one with this similar problem.
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