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  1. Nothing I try seems to fix it. I guess it's just my area idk it's so frustrating when I'm playing people I know I'm better than but they joke me. Even when I host I get joked at times. I go to my friends house less than a mile away and I can actually shoot back.
  2. Yes the nameless device is my PS4 it's because I just had factory reset the router. Ohh i did click on psn but I read somewhere to put in 3074 as the port number I'll go delete and won't mess with advanced. I've never tried strict mode thanks for the info I'll get back to you if anything else!
  3. the 4th and 5th pictures are half and half of the congestion control page and hyper traffic. i pay for 100 down and around 10 up. not specifically sure about the up but its around there. i am wired thru to my ps4 but my speeds are a tad bit lower for my ps4. my ping shows up great but i can assure you i get bad spikes/ bufferbloat.
  4. Forgot to mention that I've tried the geo-filter and ping assist. Tried unticking deep packet processing and turbo mode. Used port forwarding and upnp. I've went through and tried all the settings with different combinations hundreds of times! Also I only share this netduma with my mom and she barely uses the internet so I continue to have problems even if nobody else is using it.
  5. My firmware is currently up to date. I pay for 100 down with spectrum and my netduma speeds on computer/ps4 hard wired are always around 50/5 I have a Technicolor tc8717t modem in bridge mode connected with a short Ethernet to my netduma. For the past few years I have been dealing with my bullets hardly registering into opponents or me getting seen first with not much time to react in COD. I don't have much or no problems at all with lag. I have been through a lot of routers and modems trying to fix this problem. The first couple days with the netduma I had little to no problems at all. I've had a netduma for over a year now and have tried all types of settings from CC and device prioritization, Pre-emptive vs reactive. One thing may seem better than the other but it all stays inconsistent. I noticed that so far the best settings for me is when I factory reset my router and leave all the settings default but I'm still getting obliterated by my opponents. I've had spectrum come over to check the connection levels and the splitters and all that to be sure that wasn't causing the issue. I play competitive cod and even sometimes in tournaments for money but my connection is just unbearable. About 4 years ago I never had much problems with bullet reg and I still live in the same place. I'm completely lost at this point and I hope someone has some type of solutions for this. Sorry for such a long post but thank you for your time!
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