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  1. Hey blackfirehawk Would you mind pm me the tool too please I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to do some testing myself. no worries if you do not want too.
  2. I turned off upnp and used the ports recommended by activision and it made a great difference. Not sure if its placebo or if their servers are getting better, but I had great hit detection when connected to a dedicated server and the game felt super smooth. Laggy players are still encountered, but not as bad as before. My NAT was moderate so I just rebooted the netduma and console to get back to open. Overall Settings: Port forward, upnp off Geofilter set to 1051 km, ping assist 30ms, strict mode on, and qos off. Hopefully this can help others because it was a day and night difference for me
  3. Same for me on Xbox one. I'm getting great pings, but my hit detection feels delayed, character movement feels super slow compared to everyone else, and I get instamelted the moment I see an enemy. I even switched back to my regular router and it's still the same.
  4. Will do! Thank you for all of the support.
  5. Hi Jack, I was recently able to try what you suggested by putting my home location in the ocean and at 25ms, but I am unable to find a game. I tried multiple ping assists and finally found a game at 50ms after waiting about one minute. This was with strict mode off. https://imgur.com/a/Ej07z Next I set the geo-filter how I normally do with strict mode on and ping assist at 25ms. https://imgur.com/a/lHn9b I was able to find a game relatively quickly and with a 15ms ping. It also appeared to be a dedicated server. https://imgur.com/a/uJph1 I didn't play any games I connected to with my home location in the ocean as I was only able to connect to one (at 50ms), but decided not to try it. The games I did play were with my normal geo-filter settings and 4 out of 5 ran pretty smooth. Should I keep ping assist at 60ms when my home is set in the ocean? I noticed you mentioned its in the settings for the cod ultimate profile. Thanks
  6. Did you mean you don't play IW much? Thats what I was testing on. I would like to try WWII, but I hear so many complaints about it and I don't want to buy it and not be happy lol. Thank you for the tip and clarifications though! I will definitely try putting my home in the ocean, but for my radius should it be so small that it doesn't touch land or is around 1000km ok? Something like this? https://imgur.com/a/BT8yr Same. I am a little confused whey they appear dormant and Im connecting to them. But other than that, they did not cause any problems. I played 2 or 3 games and everything seemed fine. In fact when I searched for games on and off just to see who I would be playing with, there were quite a lot of players near my location.
  7. Hi guys, I did some testing with IW and the geo-filter does seem to be working, but something seems a little off. Like I was saying before, Im still not really sure about the server that appears when I first boot up my xbox. It could be an xbox live server or a cod server and when I enter the multiplayer menu and search for a game that server remains. First, here are my settings https://imgur.com/a/sD2ZG Enter the multiplayer menu with show dormant hosts ticked https://imgur.com/a/qX3K3 What I found kind of odd was when I untick show dormant hosts, the Washington and CA servers disappear and the server that appears when I boot up my xbox remains. From my settings I have strict mode ticked and ping assist set to 25ms, but ended up being put into a game that appears to be hosted on the WA server. The temp ban icon is shown, so is that a dedicated cod server? https://imgur.com/a/a9c1v and with a 41ms ping https://imgur.com/a/Qel45 After another search I was put on what looks like the CA server https://imgur.com/a/442Hz With a 20ms ping and temp ban icon shown https://imgur.com/a/JO7ao And here is another game I was put into with a player outside the geo-filter range https://imgur.com/a/dpgnl I played a few games on what appeared to be the CA server and they did run pretty smooth, which was nice. Why are the WA and CA servers shown as dormant, but when I search for a game its seems like I was put on them. How can I be put into a game with a ping greater than what my ping assist is set to and with strict mode enabled? And does the geo-filter sometimes not show all of the players in the lobby? They were full when I joined. Also thank you for taking the time to answer my previous questions. I really do appreciate it.
  8. That makes sense, but why am I connecting to that server bank before I even load a game? Its always the same one, every time I turn on my xbox. I don't recall that ever happening. The geo-filter would never be active unless I opened a game and entered the multiplayer menu.
  9. Hi, I have tried lots of ranges and its still the same, even with the geo-filter fully expanded. But what I don't understand is how all three games are connecting to the exact same server and only that sever. The image I posted above is when I enter the multiplayer menu and before I search for a game. For each game I load the multiplayer menu with show dormant hosts ticked and yes I believe it does show all of the game servers, but when I untick show dormant hosts that random sever in the middle of my geo-filter map is the only one to stay. And the sever that stays is the one the game is connecting to right? Up until recently I have never even seen that sever in the middle of my map. What I was also trying to explain earlier is that right when I power up my xbox and before opening any game, that server is the first thing to appear on my geo-filter map. Its like I'm stuck playing on it haha. I know these game are somewhat old, but I have nothing else to test this on. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion though.
  10. Hi, I expanded the geo-filter slightly and it still shows the game only connecting to a server quite a distance from me. I tried on bo3, iw, as well as mwr and its the same server for each game. Even before loading any game that server is the first one to appear, which I don't understand either lol and I can't recall that ever happening. Below is a picture of what happens when I power up my xbox, load the multiplayer for each game, and untick show dormant hosts. https://imgur.com/a/f3OUq Ping from server https://imgur.com/a/v8XiP My NAT also remains open.
  11. Hi guys, Im not sure whats wrong, but why is "my best" server located in another state? The game I have loaded is infinite warfare and I usually play FFA and having the geo-filter enabled makes it much harder to find games, so most of the time I disable it. I live in CA and the server that I always connected to in the past would be the one actually located in CA. Right when I power up my xbox and before loading any game, the server located between Wyoming and Colorado is the first one to appear and expand. Once I enter the multiplayer menu the server between Wyoming and Colorado is still the one I am connecting to. I have always had consistent games in the past, but for the past few weeks it hasn't gone so well. I even tried tdm with the geo filter enabled/strict mode on and some games were ok, but most were a bad experience. Players inside the geo-filter region were eating bullets and appeared to be moving a lot faster than me. Below are images of what my geo-filter looks like. Show dormant hosts ticked https://imgur.com/a/wcHD5 Show dormant hosts unticked https://imgur.com/a/x3xoo I will try with another game later because it seems xbox live is down and I am unable to sign in right now. Any help/feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Seems like you were having the same issue as I was. The only reason I enabled ipv6 was because overnight cod started to play horribly for me and I thought ipv6 could fix it. I ended up disconnecting the netduma and connecting my xbox directly to my modem which solved the problem. I'm not sure what happened, but that is another topic. But thanks for sharing your previous post
  13. Hi guys, I've recently read xbox recommends IPv6 for the best possible multiplayer experience and I have enabled it in the WAN and LAN settings. I was able to get IPv6 on my xbox, but the only problem is when I set the anti-flood sliders to my usual values and do a connection test on my xbox, the download bandwidth does not change. I even lowered the download slider to as low as 10% and my bandwidth still remains around 110 Mbps. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if there was a fix to it. Thanks
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