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  1. So being very clear on this... Anyone with a modem on this list ( Puma 6 or 7 ) will have results like the above at the moment. http://badmodems.com/Forum/app.php/badmodems
  2. All the above tests were done with the V firmware. This modem is NOT a usable modem for gaming at the moment. Period...
  3. ( sigh ) We did go over this on the other thread. I provided instructions. http://badmodems.com/Tools.htmI provided in depth pingplotter instructions.. http://badmodems.com/PinrplotterInstructions.htm I can help you here tho. >>EVERY PUMA 6 TESTS THE SAME<<.. So. Your plots will look exactly the same as mine as long as your doing them per the instructions above. I would set interval to 0.05. This will give you a clearer view of the issue. >USE A WIRE< >FOR TESTING REMOVE THE ROUTER- HOOK DIRECT<<.. I have however tested pumas using really old routers from 15 years ago on 802.11B with the router missing a antenna and still clearly plotted the Puma 6 spikes. >YOU HAVE THIS ISSUE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE< >>ITS IMPOSSIBLE THAT YOURS IS DIFFERENT<< ALL PUMA MODEMS ARE CURRENTY BROKEN. INTEL HAS CONFIRMED THIS. What did improve for you was DNS look ups. That improved. ICMP Ping - and any test based on it - however now hides the issues. This is exactly how your modem is performing.. In this test I run speed test at the same time as i plotted to show how the modem responds when you do more then one thing at a time. You can see the latency jump WAY up. You can see this does not happen on the Broadcom based modem. The red is where I was swapping modems live. This is a direct AB, Intel VS Broadcom. The red is where I swapped modems and had to call to have cable co activate the other one.
  4. Also. This just in.... Issues are confirmed to be present on Intel Puma 5, Puma 6 and Puma 7 based modems. This story ran today. There is no fix at this time. This is Intel confirmed. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/08/09/intel_puma_modem_woes/ Note my list is used in the story as the reference list of modems for this issue. So to be VERY clear here. The firmware fix you got DID NOT fix the spikes. To be clear no one in the world using this modem has fixed spikes.
  5. Your very welcome. I will send you my email in PM if you want to discuss any subject
  6. I respect your decision. But from a testing standpoint, the SB8200 *might* be one of the best gaming modems ever made. I stress *might*..
  7. Intel Puma based devices are currently crap. They *might* be fixable. However thats looking pretty doubtful. Would I personally EVER use them for gaming - hellz no.. I do, respectfully, disagree with some of the modems listed on this site as bad however. But. I defer to someone who has direct testing experience with the device being used, the Netduma. So I am staying neutral. This is a list of known good modems, tested and supported with the Netduma. Im great with that approach. However I think the list could well expand to include Arris devices Like the SB8200. The SB8200 has the lowest latency ive ever tested and the lowest jitter. However, I suppose there might be some weirdness with the Netduma and the modem. However I use Mikrotik CCR1036 so I use RouterOS and it works awesome with the SB8200.
  8. Or maybe you prefer to look at a mode modern modem test... Here is a SB8200. TCP. at 0.1 for 12 hours... Not a spike in sight.
  9. LOL... Wow.. Your not the brightest bulb in the shed.. You know right im guy who forced Intel to admit there are still issues right, developing tests with pingplotter no one had done before ? You know im the guy quoted in press on this issue right https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/12/03/intel_puma_chipset_firmware_fix/Im the guy in the class action lawsuit who did the tests, you know that right ? http://badmodems.com/Files/arriscomplaint.pdf You know Intel has OFFICIALLY acknowledged there is still a issue with Puma 5/6/7 right https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31122204-SB6190-Puma6-TCP-UDP-Network-Latency-Issue-Discussion~start=5788 Im not sure you could find anyone on the internet more versed on this issue besides me. WELL,, Its been a team effort of course with a core set of people on DSLR. And NOOOO to answer your question, ONLY Intel modems have issues with .3.. I do all my testing at 0.05. 100 pings a second is a good temporal resolution. I have chart after chart showing modems going back 15 years that do this just fine.. Here im doing a direct A/B with a 14 YEAR OLD DOCSIS 2 modem at 0.1 THREE TIMES FASTER THEN .3. I swap modems in the middle of the graph.
  10. The fix you got WAS significant however. It fixed DNS lookups. Your old version of firmware lost 7-15% of ALL dns look ups. This was terrible. Thats fixed now. What this update did tho was HIDE the spikes so you cant see them with ICMP Ping and common tools based on ping. You need a Broadcom based modem.
  11. To set up pingplotter properly I have a page for that. http://badmodems.com/Tools.htm And a specific page for pingplotter setup http://badmodems.com/PinrplotterInstructions.htm
  12. I would call it cosmetic. I would know. You have your Pingplotter set for ICMP.. This is a mistake.. It needs to be set for TCP. AIm it at google.com and set the interval for 0.05... And the spike will be very clear indeed.. You see... There is no Intel Puma, 5,6 or 7 that has been fixed in any country in the world on any ISP.. The press looks to me for updates on this matter. So I can be considered a verifiable reference. For gaming, EVERY MODEM ON THIS LIST SHOULD BE CONSIDERED CRAP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. http://badmodems.com/Forum/app.php/badmodems I have a web site and it has a "is it fixed" link I will update once a version of firmware is available that might, or might not, fix the issue. http://badmodems.com/ This video shows the most recent firmware and has TCP and ICMP pingplotters running at the same time.
  13. awwww... I was hoping to get NetDuma in a multicore router Im not sure you really need firmware to do the things it can do. So that also means they are locked into that hardware. Awwww... You know. That has to change actually. Multigig is here. That hardware wont do it. Hmm.. I see OpenWRT supports that Mikrotik product.. https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/mikrotik/mikrotik_rb951g-2hndBut OpenWRT is not supported on any of the modern Mikrotik platforms that are multicore. Well... and this is important.. Gaming is really not about bandwidth, its all about latency. So a gamer really should not need speed. So the NetDuma should be fine as long as you dont do other things while gaming. The Ubiquity might be a good platform as its opensource and is OK powerful. But change needs to occur in the NetDuma, its a multigig world now and you need at least 1M pps. maybe 10M.
  14. Its *possible* to develop firmware, but more likely its a good set of configuration settings. RouterOS is very configurable and could do everything listed by NetDuma with just clever config. That DOES NOT TAKE AWAY FROM ITS USEFULNESS. and a good router setup is tricky so no doubt hard to develop. If its a RouterOS config tho, it could literally be just loaded into ANY Mikrotik router. Thats REALLY powerful as you could apply the same Netduma skillz to a 72 core $3000 router. Cox in my area plans 2 Gbps by the end of 2018. 1Gbps in the next few months.
  15. The router the Netduma is based on is single core and pretty dated now. Its for sure not capable of gigabit speeds and with 64byte packets can only do 32Mbps. https://mikrotik.com/product/RB951G-2HnD I would think that you guys could do whatever settings your doing to any mikrotik router and off better performance devices ? I would be interested if you could stuff your tweaks into a cloud core router. ANY router now for consumer use needs to do 2Gbps with NAT and Firewall as a design requirement, even with all your tweaks turned on with small packets ( DNS ). This means SFP+ on the LAN side and/or port aggregation on the WAN/LAN sides. Multigig is here. Its time to step up to the plate with a router for that use.
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