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  1. I think you may have misunderstood what ping assist does This should explain.
  2. It was probs not joined due to ping assist and instead due to the Bops3 GeoFilter problem. That should be fixed in an upcoming update
  3. Having it small shouldn't affect the filter, but yes, you may find it harder to get games Yeah, leaving it like that will give you the cloud optimised for Bops3.
  4. Congratulations Lukasz!! Definitely deserved
  5. In 'NETDUMA Countries' could there be a 'United Kingdom' section?
  6. Hi Derick Yes, enable bridge mode on the ISP router. Once you've done that you don't need to do anything else on that router For the issue with not being able to access the Netduma control panel, you've made another thread for that so that issue will be resolved there
  7. Just set it up as Wall >> Aztech >> Netduma. If that Aztech is a modem, you don't need to do anything else, if it is a router, either put it into bridge mode so it acts as a modem or but the Netduma in its DMZ
  8. I like the design, but I was thinking for the moto/logo, it might look good with the logo on one leave across the bottom and the moto on the other leave across the bottom.
  9. I think this is much better And I agree with Luke about one category for console. You can just use the tags to tag it with PS4, XB1 or whatever if it is console specific but most games aren't. And I think support is better at the top because this forum, although it has lots of other topics, its purpose is a support forum for Netduma so that should be the priority imo
  10. This ones finished but the new one is here - you have to email it in
  11. I'm not sure. I think pressing the 'Apply' button might fetch the new cloud but I'm not sure - Fraser/Iain will have to confirm if that true or not EDIT: From Frasers post below I assume I'm wrong
  12. I believe every four hours the router checks to see if its cloud version is up-to-date, if it isn't it downloads the new cloud version from the Netduma servers and updated itself
  13. Tor isn't blocked and I don't think you could block it as it uses so many IPs.
  14. I would prefer not to, because the more information out about what measures are in place, the easy it is for a spammer who sees to abuse it.
  15. Tor browser won't be an issue because even if there IP isn't blocked, there are other restrictive methods that have been put in place today that they'd have to get passed.
  16. That is what I've been doing. There are just a few problem with blocking the VPN IPs but once that is sorted I'll finish off the blacklist.
  17. Are any of the t-shirts or merchandise going to have that tag-line Buds thought of ages ago?
  18. Why would number one get them sued by Puma? If it's the puma logo your talking about, it looks very different, right, or am I looking at the wrong thing?
  19. lol I forgot to say, congrats Nort! It looks awesome on the channel
  20. Yeah - I thought it was awesome being able to meet everyone too And no problem - hopefully next time it goes smoother Thanks. I don't think a situation like that will ever happen again so good job I got that fail out of the way before there were any big prizes at stake
  21. Sadly me hosting failed this time as everyone was lagging but in future it is definitely better than someone playing having to host as they either have a big advantage or disadvantage
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