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  1. I tried and it does not work. no factory can be done the netduma. i submitted email yesterday with link to his thread.
  2. Yeah I tried it with just the power cable and it never beeps or resets. Just shows like this
  3. Thanks I will try this again once I get home. Do I need to have my modem plugged up to the netduma to complete the factory reset it or only the power adapter is okay ?
  4. I’ll try that but has then their been any other suggestions? Can I send it to get fixed or replaced or what ?
  5. How long did you hold reset button for ? I held for 1 min and nothing happens.
  6. Ok. Thanks. It was working just fine until this FW update. Should of just stayed on old FW honestly because now my router does not even work.
  7. I tried both several times and still can’t access UI and don’t have internet
  8. I literally followed all steps perfectly. I’ve very techie. I do IT for a living . No default gateway when u run Cmd. Reset Button does nothing. Rebooting netduma and my Netgear MRC does nothing as well. No internet is being passed through netduma. I’ve had it for over 2 years and no real issues until this FW upgrade. Now it does not even work. I tried unplugging it from MRC and putting PC in port 2 of netduma and trying to access and still nothing. or http://r1 does nothing. I’ve tried unplugging netduma for several hours and still nothing.
  9. I’m still waiting assistance. This new DumaOS FW seemed to have broke my netduma now it doesn’t even get internet. I created thread already. Plz help
  10. I upgraded my netduma r1 to the duma os firmware and it never came up with the login page. I cleared my cache and cookies and it still never worked. i let it sit there for about 20 minutes and still nothing. i tried the ip address as well as the http://r1 and still not working. I tried unplugging the netduma router and still getting no internet. I attempted to put static ip on my netgear router for the netduma and it still is not working. Any help is appreciated.
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