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  1. question, why would he be getting half speeds through the R1? Because i'm dealing with this right now but have hit full 200mb/s speed with it before... just not now
  2. right case closed, found the issue and I am embarrassed to say it was because one of the long ethernet from the ISP to the R1 was a cat 2 cable which I dint know because I didnt buy it, just replaced the cable and tried a speedtest on my PC I'm now hitting close to full speed. thanks for the help you guys!
  3. i did test over wifi, okay I will set it up again then and get back to you
  4. couldnt see any other ports that was the only one visable, may be something to do with the interface doesnt work properly on phone, but not sure. also I have disconnected everything before and used a single 1m cat 6 cable to connect the netduma and the ISP router and got the same speedtest results as now so it can't be the wire, has to be the way the systems are interacting
  5. I see, I just did that after a lot of faffing around, while trying tro switch the ethernets around my internet dropped and wouldnt recognise the network even when putting it back to normal but it seems fine now. The port changed to 1(PoE) connected fullduplex 1000mbits when i put the ISP ethernet into port 5 and put my computer ethernet into the WAN port
  6. ah i see but how can I get into DumaOS to check the ports to see if it is 100 or 1000mb if I have no connection to the internet through the netduma?
  7. I built my pc myself and didnt include a wifi adapter because I never expected to use it via wifi so can't do that @Bert and @Netduma Fraser I tried that but because it is in modem mode the ISP router must be connected to the wan port in order for me to get internet. I checked the wan port as well for broken pins but they all seem to be intact and not bent
  8. I will check tomorrow for the WAN ports, in the meantime, you got any more possible fixes? If the WAN port isnt the problem that is
  9. I can access the port settings sure but I will need a guide through it, as for the WAN port, it is fairly old the netduma itself but I can't see it being damaged although it is a possibility I would assume its a very small one
  10. ISP router does not have QoS, It is in Modem mode
  11. As i said above, I have unplugged everything and set up my netduma right next to the ISP router using multiple different cat 6 cables, this was to test if it was the ethernet I am currently using or the length of it was the problem, this is not the case, the tests done with the cat 6 cables came back with the same results
  12. @Bert all tests were done wired and wireless so yes, also i can't find the monitoring section @Netduma Alex no, in the DumaOS it peaks at 90 and averages around 50 during the test, task manager never exceeded 40 during the test Ok so I found this page in DumaOS. if I understand this correctly it is the wire going from the ISP router to the netduma that is the issue? however, I have tested with several known CAT6 cables before and had the same issue 1(PoE)ConnectedFullDuplex100mbits 2DisconnectedN/AN/A 3ConnectedFullDuplex1000mbits 4DisconnectedN/AN/A 5ConnectedFullDuplex1000mbits
  13. I am not sure if i use PPPoE as i dont know how to check that, and i use the duma OS which has no direct turbo mode or so the research ive done tells me but they said turning the QoS off is like enabling turbo mode, nevertheless with it on or off makes no difference to the speed
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