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  1. XR700 owner, but using an Asus router currently until DumaOS 3.0 then ill give it a go
  2. Hoping for 3.0 on my XR700 soon Ill keep my XR700, need the extra LAN ports, my previous Asus router has 8 ports but speed test caps at 430mbit, CPU hits 100% at that speed, XR700 reaches 945mbit without QoS and is probably my max speed anyway (gigabit plan)
  3. I'm not sure exactly how it works now with 3.0 but at a guess you would have 3 QoS methods in place, Traffic Prio, Geo-Filter and Bandwidth allocation Now that the bandwidth allocation is application based and not device based I'm just wondering how you add something to the Gaming category if it is currently not there, or does the Gaming category mirror anything that is detected under Prio? Also is there a way to check what is in the other categories too? media streaming and such? Is there a detailed breakdown in the interface?
  4. I'm wwaiting for the XR700 beta, but I just want to know how it classifies traffic in the new application QOS and how can we add games to the games category if its currently not supported?
  5. @Netduma Fraser more of an observation because it used to cap my speed, i havent changed firmware, is this something that can be/has been changed on a Duma server or something? What are your findings with it? If the bufferbloat setting works as normal when ‘high priority detected’ or ‘always’ then i guess it doesnt matter that your speed can be maxed out outside of those times and in fact, probably preferable that way? My main concern is that DumaOS is supposed to be doing something even when theres no high priority traffic (like making sure devices are still getting sticking to the bandwidth allocation amounts on the QoS ‘flower’) or something of that nature
  6. @Netduma Fraser Hi Fraser, I'm still trying to get this to function correctly, see below for settings and speedtest I've tried factory reset and disabling/enabling QoS again, any ideas?
  7. yeah see what i meant in my original post was that regardless of what values I enter here i was still getting my max speed of 95mbit, even if I put in 70 or 80, I still get 95 for total bandwidth. Which to me seems very odd and should not be behaving that way Thanks for clearing the rest up though, I will try a factory reset and try and get the bandwidth option to work correctly (it used to work)
  8. @Netduma Fraser also could you tell me what the difference is between adding a games console to the traffic prioritization rules and setting a device type as a console in the device manager?
  9. @Netduma Fraser so the values you enter above the goodput option serve no purpose other than to be the basis for the % calculation for the bufferbloat? If thats true then why not just have one option and enter the value yourself? Rather than two options? is it just easier for people to adjust a slider rather than work out on a calculator what 70% of their speeds are?
  10. Hi guys I have been enjoying my XR700, I have a 100/40 internet speed plan (which yields 95/36 speedtests without QoS), speeds are the same with other routers I have tried so the XR700 has been working great Something I have noticed though is that recently my speed does not change regardless of the total bandwidth setting I have set (this is the setting under the bufferbloat 'burger' icon, not the % slider) Even if I set that to say 85 for download, I still get 95 in a speedtest I'm wondering if this is normal behaviour? I have the "Goodput" option checked in the same section and the help for that option mentions something about speedtests My initial concern was that QoS was not working at all, but if I set the bufferbloat setting to "Always" then my speeds do get reduced as expected to the percentage I have set (70%, roughly 66 for speed) I remember about a month ago my speeds would never reach 95 with QoS enabled and I assumed this was just QoS reserving some bandwidth (speeds would still reach 92) However I'm now reaching 95 both with and without QoS enabled (not including the anti-bufferbloat which continues to work as expected) Does the Goodput option ignore your bandwidth setting for speedtests? What exactly does that setting do? I have done a factory reset on my XR700 recently and when I was going through the initial setup wizard I did not have my internet connected on the WAN port so it was not able to detect my internet connection type and do an initial speedtest, does it matter if the router itself doesn't do this test? My internet is not a complicated setup, XR700 is directly connected to a fiber box, Internet doesn't require login (no PPPoE), IP address and DNS is Dynamic from ISP TL;DR = Internet speedtests go higher than total bandwidth setting, is this normal? what exactly does Goodput setting do? Thanks and looking forward to 3.0 especially for Application QoS and the Ad-Blocker
  11. I fixed this by calling my ISP and getting myself off their "CGNAT" (effectively causing a double-NAT scenario) UPnP or any port forwarding was not working at all until I got that rectified
  12. Surely the XR700 has a WAN throughput of at least 1gbps?
  13. @kymadn youve probably had enough of your router by now but im curious which ports you prioritized for Apex Legends, i originally had all the TCP and UDP ports added but some of them are shared with Battle.net launcher (i also play Overwatch) so I removed most of them and tested to make sure during an Apex game i still get the red indicator light, usually when sitting in the lobby the light will go off but it just depends on if the high prio packets are still moving or not if youre interested ill get the exact ports i set up, not sure if it will help
  14. Bandwidth download 95 / upload 36 (this is manually set 1mbit below speedtest) Goodput is enabled Anti bufferbloat: 75% / 75% “when high priority traffic detected” (this equals 71.3mbit download / 27mbit upload during high priority detection) My network consists of 3 PCs, iPad pro, iPhone, google pixel, nvidia shield TV, nintendo switch QOS bandwidth “flower” gives 25mbit download to nvidia shield TV for 4K netflix, 8mbit download to 1 PC for watching Twitch and youtube 7mbit upload is given to the 2 other PCs for streaming out to Twitch (7000 bitrate in OBS) Share Excess bandwidth is enabled I have the nintendo switch added as a “console device” for packet prioritisation and some of the UDP/TCP ports for Apex Legends on 2 PCs there too other things ive done in the router are: * set proper device types in device manager * IP address reservations for all 8 devices (i still use DHCP but devices get same IP every renew) * IPv6 disabled * Link Aggregation disabled * Media Server disabled (no USB devices are connected to router) * 2.4ghz and 60ghz wifi disabled (currently dont need them) * 5ghz wifi has channel manually set to avoid my neighbours frequency * Wifi Smart Connect disabled (cant have this enabled without 2.4ghz enabled anyway but if i did i would disable it) if i think of anything else ill edit
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