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    Sci0n reacted to Master Kief in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    I've now owned the XR500 for 1.5 years and to this day:
    No IPv6 without killing off the QOS. No USB printer support. Incorrect network activity stats. No control over VPN settings. Bugs and glitches in the management GUI. Very questionable QOS performance is some games. Very poor update support. At this point this product should be considered as abandonware. Netduma's/Netgear's lack for transparency with such a vocal community is truly disturbing.
    There are other manufacturers with devices out there that have a much more active support than Netgear/Netduma and according to my preliminary research, as good, if not better implementations of QOS and AQM.
    I am no longer actively using this router and will soon be totally replacing it. Hats off to those of you who will be sticking around for the long haul, still beta testing a 2 year old AC router.
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    Sci0n got a reaction from N3CR0 in Lag comp has totally cripple my game as a decent player   
    I would say no as to many games now have too much lag comp in them and the Netduma team would need to test the most popular games to apply the best settings and update the DumaOS regularly, but they dont have the team size to do it. Battlenonse  has proven trime and time again that games support high ping players. (Though I do feel DumaOS is good on certain games but not many).
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Netcode Explained!
    As you can see from this video the server is king, which means you will die even if you was backed around a corner or dropped to the floor, you will still die as the server deems it so as the player who has high ping will get an advantage on you due to whats called super bullets. You can tell this by unticking the auto ping and check the pings of other players, as I noticed some players would die off 3 bullets (who had low pings) where others would nearly take an entire clip. (who had high pings/that changed).
    Also throttle you own line and play a game and you'll see you can kill with out many issues, its a shame really the devs have choosen to do this as this is one of the reason This game is crippling most peoples ability to play.
    I would buy the Netduma if you either share a house or even have a family, as the DumaOS helps with high lag spikes etc.
    The screenshot was from me throttling my line while playing.

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    Sci0n reacted to SwiftCookie in **Better Or Worse Connections Compared To Beta?**   
    Ugh that doesn't fill me with confidence haha. I had a rough time during the beta 😕
    I honestly didn't think It could get any worse than the beta lol
    I'm not surprised, I was getting some US servers during the beta and I'm in AUS haha
    Is there anything I can do to help with cloud updates in regards to Aussie connections? I've just bought the game on PS4 so I'm planning on doing some testing this week  I heard they did some changes to the netcode between the beta and release. 
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    Sci0n reacted to Spartanogc in **Better Or Worse Connections Compared To Beta?**   
    I find it laggy compared to the beta, the beta felt great but last night we had some really laggy games.
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    Sci0n reacted to N3CR0 in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    Yeah... coz I really got 2.7 k/d in IW by being a bad player... you have no idea what you're talking about mate.
    If you shoot someone, get 10 hitmarkers with a gun that kills in around 5 and don't miss a single shot and they still don't die... 
    I've registered 10 hitmarkers on an AFK player at close range before and they still didn't die.
    Shoot first, die first is a thing, even the killcams sometimes show someone sponged your bullets before they even knew you were there. 
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    Sci0n reacted to Gamer in Netgear Nighthawk xr 500 geofilter does not work   
    Hello Netduma i buy me the xr 500 netgear router but im pretty sure that the i need an new update because the Geofilter does not work in any Games.
    please Help me to solve this Problems.
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    Sci0n reacted to N3CR0 in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    Don't care what 'stability' fixes they reckon they made, nothing has changed.
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    Sci0n reacted to TheyCallMeHOST in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    Best equipment won’t help, cod lag will always be there for some reason. Havin’ a 1ms monitor with around 5ms input lag won’t save you if your bullets ain’t connection. 
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    Sci0n reacted to Peter in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    Well lads I've done some testing and i seem to get better games when my geofilter is in spectators mode dont ask me why but i kill people alot easier, try it out and tell me how you do cause I tried this in the afternoon and around 8 in the evening just to make sure and I have be top of my table every game in league play so something has got to give, try it and let me know and good luck
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    Sci0n reacted to GHOST-1-EC in Network Prioritisation   
    @Netduma Joseph i think at this stage everyone is waiting and hoping that the cloud update will resolve for the most part the issues we are experiencing........ you are suggesting something that has been tried and that does not work my guy.
    For me personally, i have stopped using the geo-filter completely and just rolled with whatever i get from the game but this is not why we made the purchase of either an R1 or XR500 or other DumaOs supported router.........please dont let us lose trust in the product or brand that is DumaOS. 
    We understand things take time but...... we have all been patient with all the issues being resolved, remember these are not new issues.... they have been reported consistently by different people from the time the game launched at yet it still persists exactly the same as it did from the time of launch. 
    I mean, do you guys have any idea as to how to fix the issues and if you dont, just come out straight and let everyone know instead of making us wait and wait for something that will not resolve any of the issues being experienced. 
    We support your brand and in turn we are just looking for the same from your end, to us, when things are being reported. 
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    Sci0n reacted to Netduma Jack in Are these lagspikes?   
    There are a few cases to argue for and against that rumour. It could well be true - based on what I've seen on this forum and my own experiences, I reckon the ideal ping is around 20-30 in most games. It's a kinda' mid-point between the lowest and highest in the server on average, so the lag comp could well treat you better.
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    Sci0n reacted to JOE1305 in Are these lagspikes?   
    Hello Fraser,
    sorry bro, I dont believe that because I have bought new high quality ethernet cables in fall 2018 recommended by big dog and jack. I dont think its the cables. I rather think that the roumor is true that high ping players get benefited in this game.
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    Sci0n reacted to Netduma Fraser in Are these lagspikes?   
    Could possibly indicate that the ethernet cables you're using need replacing
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    Sci0n reacted to bbursley in Are these lagspikes?   
    That spike you see, though being pretty intense is not something that is effecting your game play, as you can clearly see it comes and goes. Now one thing that may be considered is the idea of a low ping in a highly lag compensated game. By forcing a "GREAT" connection you are essentially suffering from the games net code working against you. As i've explained before, certain games try to balance out connections and place them on fair ground, when you geofilter in some games, your'e essentially rebelling against what the game is trying to do, end result being more negative than positive. Some games are able to match players fairly without needing the netduma, then again some games can't. Thats why geofilter is more of a tool than a end all solution. My suggestion is to try it with geo off, or perhaps another dedicated server somewhere else, or widen your radius alot more. I commented a few days back about this issue. In a game like BO3 where best connections win usually, getting a dedi is a huge importance, but in a game like ghosts where the game matches you with the best possible type of connection usually it can sometimes hinder your experience because youre blocking out people who might be a best option. In that case It was better for me to widen up the radius so I still get a USA host but not necessarially the "best host" in that radius. If that host is already a really good player in a host advantage game then all im gonna do is get melted in every gunfight. point being, sometimes geo helps and sometimes it hurts, but you have to figure out what it is that works best for you. If I remember correctly that bo4 servers raised the tick rate, this means that connections that were solid suffered more because the otherwise laggier players benefit from increased level of communication between client and server, meaning a bad connection could now smash you where as before ping was absolutely king, and a stable line/low ping was more advantageous. I know that when they bumped the tick rate up I had way more issues killing people than before.
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    Sci0n reacted to TrayDay in Apex Legends Geo-Filter Sucks   
    I don't know about those on the east, but I know being in the west, I choose Utah or Oregon and I am placed on east coast servers. Given, I do get placed on Utah about 65 - 70%  of the time. But if not that, then I'm placed on east coast servers, even when choosing my location in the data centers i.e Virginia and South Carolina.  But this is ps4 so idk.
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    Sci0n reacted to questvr3 in Allow/Deny Does Not Work!   
    Why does it seem like this feature works when it feels like it instead of all the time? I play a couple games where the connection is always P2P. I've denied some people due to high pings. I've had some games with some of the players where the game is really slow to start or doesn't start at all because of the high ping rate coming from their connection.  Sometimes for seemingly no reason they can still join my games or lobbies I'm host of. Sometimes I'd reboot my router and things would seem to work on. Except now it no longer seems to work at all.
    Things I've Tried in Varying Combinations:
    I've rebooted the router many times. Restarted my game console many times. Flushed the Geo-Filter cloud many times. I've tried turning off/on strict mode and auto ping of varying combinations. I've deleted my console from the filtered device list then re-added it. (and yes it's set to "filtering" mode). I've also deleted and then re-added the same individuals to my list but Allow/Deny just doesn't seem to work! The same high ping people are repeatedly able to join my lobbies despite my settings. As I see it this thing is a $500 paperweight that allows me to connect to the internet. The things I need it to do simply do not work as advertised. What's up with this?! I'm I missing something? I've seen other posts on here about Allow/Deny not working but not clear solutions or ways to resolve its non-functionality. Why does this not work and when will it be fixed?  
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    Sci0n reacted to Netduma Fraser in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    Well it sounds like the Geo-Filter is doing its job by getting you a low ping and QoS is doing its job as well, theres nothing more the router can do, it's literally doing everything possible from your end. Some people claim that the lag compensation of the game favours those with a higher ping so by forcing a server further away they can achieve a higher ping. 
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    Sci0n reacted to Peter in Anyone else having time to kill issues on bo4   
    I swear my lobbies are good but my time to kill is awful I seem to struggle in 80 percent of my games I get turned on and shit on, has anyone found a qos setup or can help me find mine cause I'm not enjoying the Duma os as much as the r1 day or the glory day should i say
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    Sci0n reacted to DUMA BOLTON in Apex Legends is now Geo-Filter Compatible!   
    Apex not working well with the Geo-Filter for me, Won't let me connect to the servers 95% of the time, When it does work it won't let me play again after the game has ended, I need to dashboard and restart the game, I'm playing on Xbox, When Geo-Filter is off it works alright, It didn't work well on PUBG either, I've flushed the cloud also 😀
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    Sci0n reacted to Theillest-4ever in XR500 Issue for 8 months now....   
    I have this router for 8 months now.  I really want to love this router. I have never recommend any other router to anyone beside  XR500.
    Theres this one particularly issue I dealt  with this router everyday . It bothers me so much that I gave up. Now you may be wondering what the hell im talking about. “LOBBY NOT JOINABLE “
    seriously this is the most annoying painful things ever. I live in Florida , my radius circle cover all Florida, there is a server for call of duty locate in Miami Florida . You’ think it would be easy for me to find a lobby right away since I’m less than 100 miles away from that server. Unfortunately That’s not the case. Everyday I have to keep restarting my app for me to connected to the Florida server . For example if I open black ops 4, search for a game, I will connect to the Florida server on my first search . If I back out  from the lobby , and look for a new lobby  my radar can’t pick up that server , like it doesn’t exist, I kept getting back to the menue saying lobby not joinable. I have to keep flushing cloud or restart app for me to connect to that server again. But when I put my console on spectating mode I connected really fast to server from different states. I don’t want that. I want to connect to the one in Florida with filtering mode on. Any idea why this happening? Can’t connect to the server inside my radius circle smh
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    Sci0n reacted to Theillest-4ever in XR500 Issue for 8 months now....   
    I have 1000 DL and 40 UP
    Provider - comcast  

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    Sci0n got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Weapon chart for #ApexLegends   
    Source - https://twitter.com/TheThrillGame

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    Sci0n reacted to Netduma Jack in Apex Legends   
    I agree the the folks above - he was a bit laggy at the end of the clip, but even without the lag that shotgun blast would've toasted you either way!
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    Sci0n reacted to Netduma Fraser in Apex Legends   
    I know what you mean but I just chalk it up to the different armor/helmets and the guns/potential attachments. Some guns are really powerful like the heavy ammo LMG absolutely shreds or the longbow DMR
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    Sci0n reacted to PuppetMaster82 in Apex Legends   
    Sometimes I'll die instantly & others I'm a tank. I know the game has armor but that doesn't explain some of it. PrestigeIsKey has a video of it and goes over it as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYhvRJvj1HM&t=3s
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