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  1. Ok so I have years of geofilter experience. Not a professional. But somewhat knowledgeable. Early R1 adopter. So in bo4 my xr500 geofilter don't work. Strick is on. Game trys to force server in California or New York area almost all the time. Even with my geofilter on or off. I live central America. Therefore I should get central servers. No I don't have central servers blocked. Yes it happens with friends or without. Yes my friends are allowed. What is causing this? R1 has cloud features. Does Duma os on xr500 have manual cloud features? Can I flush my cloud or update it? Randomly or rarely it will allow me to play on a dedicated server central America. But not often. Very rare. I'd say under 5 times in 50 matches. This was a few days ago starting the beginning of launch. I haven't been on in the past couple of days. So I don't know if it is still doing this. I'm looking for a quick fix for tonight in about 8 hours. Anyone know what to do so I can actually use my geofilter? Fyi what it does it will force a California server with geofilter on in stricked mode. Game begins to start. Then it kicks me to home screen... Over and over. Every try.. Unless I go into spectator mode. Still puts me on these far away servers 90 percent of the time...
  2. So I need help or confirmation is it possible to change your IP address if it is static and my provider won't change it? For those that don't know I was ddos attacked by a PSN user demanding something of mine. I don't want to get into details. But some may know who's already in these forums. Skip the crap how do you know if you got ddos. ECT.... I know. I've had threats multiple of them. Then attack happens. And logs showed Jolt1 and teardrop attacks. I need to change my IP or gateway address if that's what you call it so this fool can't attack me anymore. And then I'll get a VPN. I've seen on YouTube videos that say change the Mac address on my router and restart the modem and router ECT. Do you guys know if this is only for dynamic IP? Or will it work on static IP address as well? Thanks for your time. I'm at work right now so I can't try it until the morning. 1. Ddos has been proven. 2. I already called my provider. In fact that was the first thing I did. They said no I cannot change it. Only option they gave me was to cancel my account and reopen new account as well as getting a new modem. And yes I have one of the worst internet providers in the U.S because I'm forced to. I simply want answers to my question. I don't want to get into long drawn out things answering questions like " How do you know you were attacked?" . And responses like call you In and ask. Thanks much. Locraptor
  3. Oh ok Fraser. Thanks for putting that out there. I had no idea.
  4. Look I've been a Netduma R1 owner for the past 2 and a half years give or take a bit. I've waited for this Duma os for about 2 years. I have fiber internet 900 up and down. So this Xr500 was great news and I purchased immediately when I had funds available. Bought 1 month after launch. So happy to be able to get a better hardware router to My my fiber needs. Don't get me wrong it was definitely worth the 2 year wait and I'm not complaining about that. What I am complaining about is the fact I spent a total 220 for netduma and now 330 for Xr500 at a grand total of 550 dollars in about 2 and half years. Now I'm not complaining about that either. That was my choice to buy. But I'm completely complaining about the fact that I'm just now learning from watching sim video on YouTube that the xr500 won't have some features that the Netduma R1 will have. The fact that I've spent so much money and to be left out of possible great features because netduma wants to keep certain features only for the R1. I totally understand this for a business decision. But it just sucks knowing this now afterwards. Not that it'd make a big difference in my purchase decisions at this moment as I don't know what will be kept for netduma only. It just sucks since I've spent all this money and then to find this out. Now this is my idea. If these netduma R1 Duma os special abilities are great. If they are great R Apps. Please either give the Early adopters that have purchased both routers the special R app for free or give us the ability to be able to purchase them and download them. As many of us old timers have been looking for the Duma os so long and we bought the xr500 to get Duma os first and also in my case I wanted a better router for fiber speeds. I bought xr500 for those 2 reasons. Just so thrilled and hyped when I found out about the xr500. But honestly to hear it's gonna be held back on some special features kinda shakes my bones. I feel like I'm getting robbed in a way as I've spent 550 in a couple of years supporting Netduma and for my own personal use. I want the special R Apps. I want all that's great about the Duma os and don't want to be left out. Yes this is a complaint. But I also gave a solution. If you are not willing to give us Early adopters the special proprietary stuff to the R1 please allow us the ability to purchase these special features. After all you do have a R app store. Maybe I'm wrong and there won't be special proprietary stuff for R1. I'm just going off a sim video I seen. I don't study every section of forums or read all the post. So maybe I've missed this information.
  5. Well this just shuts down my theory on permanent ban on servers. Which we could expand our radius of geofilter. I thought we'd get a better advantage. But didn't know if lag compensation would ruin it. I guess it does. Fyi I believe you need to set your settings to strick mode. I never get players outside of strick mode.
  6. Yeah that's the whole point of permanent ban servers. To ban all the far servers from myself with high pings. But able to expand the geofilter let's say the whole United States. To allow people all over the United States to join in my match only on the specific server I want. To make sure I have the advantage while others may suffer. At this point how it is only the people within my radius can connect. It's good how it is. I'm just curious if a permanent ban for example all California or east coast permanent bans would give me a advantage. I believe it will. I never want to play on those period. But the ability of those players connecting to my server of choice like Texas. They'd have high pings and mine would be low ping. Temp bans never seemed to do justice on the R1 router.
  7. First off I'd like to say I'm loving the new Duma os. I believe it works much better than the Regular netduma os. Fyi I have fiber optic internet. I'm not sure if it's a software or router thing. But I definitely love it. I love how it automatically will show the server connected to and shows it's ping for the server. Some request that I have are to allow more zoom in the geofilter map. I like to zoom closer so I can add or deny players much easier. As it's kinda hard to do at current zoom of players are clustered in small area. Can't really click on a player if they overlap one another. Secondly I've noticed I can't add or deny someone if auto ping host is enabled. I'd like to be able to do so if it's a easy fix. For example a friend outside my radius I want to allow. But it won't let me if I have auto ping enabled. It won't let me click on them and show their ping. I'd like to see their ping. Maybe I just need to have auto ping off. I'm guessing thats the case. I'd like to see the internet test on the new Duma os like what's on the old. Where is shows exceptional or good ECT...
  8. Yes it's our individual ping what's important. Say my base ping is 1ms ping. I play on Texas server. That server is 12ms ping. So say my ping is 13 Ms ping for the Texas server in the United States. Ok so we have that clarified for my pings to that server. So are you saying I won't have a advantage against other players whom live let's say New York on the East coast whom have a 35ms base ping whom joined the Texas server that's a 12ms ping server? 35 plus 12 is 47 total ping versus my 13ms total ping? It seems in theory based on my understanding that I'd have a advantage. Maybe I'm wrong. But me being closer with a very low ping going against players far abroad with much higher pings I'd have a advantage as my information would be updated faster. Unless lag compensation went into effect and evens it out. I'm not sure. But if it doesn't give a advantage I don't care about it then.
  9. Yes permanent ban please. So we can ban the crap servers but also expand the radius of location. So others far will join a server near me giving us a better advantage in ping. Say 1000 miles radius but banning all the bad servers far away. But allowing people to join match from far away to a server near me. Myself with a 1 Ms base ping then people far far away with 30 plus base ping connecting to a server near me. I could be wrong. But wouldn't that give me a advantage?
  10. Thanks guys. I'm sure I'll love it as well. To the guy who asked where I sold mine. Well I sold mine to a friend from PlayStation Network.
  11. I just ordered the Netgear Xr500 off of Amazon. I receive it tomorrow. And sold my old Netduma. I can't wait.
  12. Well actually it's no secret for A7Legit he posted it everywhere.
  13. Anyone can buy a cronusmax.
  14. Ok I'm gonna spill the beans. You sound like you need help. Go but a xim4 and use a mouse with playstation navigation move or a keyboard. Also get a cronusmax and use stuff like aim assist or anti recoil and auto sprint. Do your research on mkb... Watch gameplay. .
  15. People don't know all the reasons why you are good A7. I just found out 1 of the reasons today. I'm not gonna spill the beans. But I'm in the process of making that switch you did 8 months ago. Funny how I randomly found your secret out. Will say this most people that do this and make videos of it dominate others
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