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Hard Ware No longer powers on

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14 hours ago, revolutionthe1st said:

So i have had my netduma for 2 or so years , i went too plug it in and sheesh it will no longer turn on 

theirs somthing rattling inside , and also power port is a little weird , and kinda dont have the right wire 

for it , ayeee many issues but aye HELPPP!!!

Welcome to the forum! Rattling isn't good - that indicates something has either snapped off inside or something has got into the router. I'd not recommend opening up the router to find out.

Did you want to try buying a new power adapter for it? I could find a link to the correct adapter if this is something you'd like to try. Do not try another adapter - you need the exact model with the correct voltage or you will risk setting the router on fire!

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