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Destiny 2 Fireteam of more then 2 is lag! Please Netduma Community what could it be?!

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I hope you guys know a fix or anything we can do about this, let me try to explain. If I play Destiny 2 Crucible (pvp) with only one other friend ( a fireteam of 2) I can hit clean headshot easily, the movement feels fluent and clean, perfect. But when a third person joins our fireteam no matter there GEO location, things start to lag for all of us. It feels like a huge difference it is like playing on a tv again with a high ms (latency) instead of playing on a monitor with only 1 ms, that is how big the difference is. I can hardly hit precision shots (headshot) the movement feels clunky, the movement is harder to control and the overall experience just sucks! Especially because you know you can play a lot better but, because of the lag my k/d drops from 12.00 to 4.00 and from time to time it feels so bad I just spam my shots and I drop to a 2.5, that difference is huge! Playing with only two people in a direct fireteam directly fixes it, but I want to play with 2 or maybe even 3 friends, not just one!

It doesn't matter if I play with someone from my own country or with someone from the other side of the world, so long we just play with the two us, no lag, nothing. If a third guy joins, we experience a night and day difference and we just don't understand why?! It is so bad that people don't want to play with each other anymore or blame people from the US for bad connections and vice versa, the Geolocation settings (me at least forcing us to play on a server close to me or in the middle of us doesn't do anything either) do nothing,  please Netduma Community what could it be!

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By adding a third player, you’re probably widening the average ping in your party. So when you are getting games, can you see if the ping is generally higher?

If so, perhaps try reducing your radius to a lower value. 

But in general, I’m not sure why you’re seeing this. It could be how Destiny is networked, or it might just be bad luck / coincidence. 

Sorry I can’t be more help!

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