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Black Ops 4 BETA (Blackout included)

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Will it block the server if it is outside of my filter range or only players outside of my range? I live in the south US and it looks like I only connect to New York servers. I got booted from a server and thought it was the filter's fault, so I turned it off. It's also been a long time since I used my PS4 and my R1, so just wondering if I need to do anything to assure best gameplay during the BETA.

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Blackout runs purely on Dedicated Servers. You can't block other players from connecting to servers - the goal of the Geo-Filter is to get you the best possible server.

Since it runs only using a server infrastructure, you need to look closely at where the servers are located. If all the servers are outside your range, you won't ever be able to connect to a game. It's not like standard CoD matchmaking where there's so many potential hosts that you'll never get booted - since there's probably only 5 servers in the entire USA, you need to make sure some of those are inside the radius.

There's a tried and tested strategy to use here which our Fortnite fanbase use. If you can select a 'region' in the Blackout beta, select the closest one to you. Each region (such as 'US-West Coast) will have probably 2 or 3 servers in the region. If you set the radius to cover the best server in the region, you can force the game to connect you to that one.

Every time the game tries to connect you to the bad host, you'll get booted. It doesn't matter though - if you're after the best server possible, keep searching and you should get connected to the server inside your radius. I hope this helps!

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