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  1. Will it block the server if it is outside of my filter range or only players outside of my range? I live in the south US and it looks like I only connect to New York servers. I got booted from a server and thought it was the filter's fault, so I turned it off. It's also been a long time since I used my PS4 and my R1, so just wondering if I need to do anything to assure best gameplay during the BETA.
  2. Kinel, are you using the settings he suggested? It took me a little while to figure out where the settings were to change the numbers Fraser listed above. It worked well last night again. Only thing is if you match make, it seems to ignore the geo-filter. Had everyone on the whole server within U.S. (as my geofilter range was limited to U.S.only) and when I match made, it connected someone from Japan to our server. Wasn't a big deal, but I also had my ping at like 50ms. Not sure if lowering that would prevent that connection or not.
  3. Had a good experience with those settings tonight. Will continue to use those settings and let you know if things change.
  4. I think the triangles can also be players, not just servers. It almost seems like this game may use a hybrid system to connect players to each other. Aren't the big circles supposed to show you the"server" you're connected to? Because sometimes it will show players in my party as a big circle. And it will switch between the other 3 players in my group. Also, when matchmaking it seems like the Netduma doesn't really stop you from connecting to servers outside your geo-filter. You accept the "invite" to connect and it just connects. I live in New Orleans and most of the time, I connect to a server in Nebraska or Oklahoma. Then once I'm matchmaking....no telling what server I'll get into. I also don't understand why this game allows people in Japan to connect to a server in the U.S. The ping is going to be crazy high. I'm going to do a new video to show a little more about my experience. I still enjoy seeing how many people are on a server and where they are connecting from. It can lead me to making a choice to leave the server somehow to get a better DZ and perhaps one that is less crowded.....since I'm into DZ05/06 loot farming.
  5. I made a video tonight but my sound is all messed up for some reason. I think I changed some settings on my capture card a while back. Need to do some trouble shooting tomorrow. Here is the video though. So as of now, the Netduma doesn't actually block any players from connecting to you nor does it stop you from joining a server with people outside your geo-filter's range? I see a triangle with an exclamation point pop up in South America, but it never really goes away. Short video with Rogue action Full two hours, Netduma overlay starts around 26 minutes in and is on for most of the video, in case you want to see prolong use. https://www.twitch.tv/bb_504/v/71376557
  6. didn't have time to put the video together yet. can you answer some of my questions in the meantime?
  7. If I turn off auto & bleeding edge cloud and choose game server 12 then it should allow me to block certain servers, but not who connects to the server? Just wondering what this will accomplish. I haven't tried to block anything yet, just got the R1 3 days ago. This is pretty much the only game I play right now. The lag hasn't been too bad for the past month anyhow, but I'd like to prevent being in the same server as people from distant countries. I live in the southern part of Louisiana, USA and it seeeems like I'm connecting to a server in Nebraska most of the time. This is about 1,000-1,100 miles, 1,600 km for the metric users :-) Next time I play, I will record the geo-filter and perhaps overlay it with my gameplay, using my computer game capture/steaming capabilities to give you some info on how things are working for me. I'll upload it to youtube and share the link here once I do. If I remember correctly it seems to work like you all have said. When I am first logged on and then perhaps connect with my team mates, I see them pop up on the map as circles and am connected to the Nebraska server. Then when I connect to the DZ I see more circles and perhaps some triangles with exclamations inside them when they are located outside my geo-filter region. But, I know I am connecting to those people. I know this because one of my friends is in Japan and we play together sometimes (with lag, lol) So, it seems like the filtering is not blocking the triangle players that show up. Do I have to select the triangle and then do something to actually block them from connecting with me? I've not tried to do anything like that yet, so I don't know how really. I will record it tomorrow with the settings like I have them and then try to turn off auto & bleeding edge cloud and choose game server 12 and see what that does. 1. Is there anything else I should try or any pointers on what I have said here that would help me achieve more localized gaming and prevent my server from allowing players outside the geo-filter range from connecting with me? 2. Is this even possible to do with this game or is that what we are trying to figure out? As in, does the server not care what the R1 is doing or is this game not completely server based? 3. Are there any specific things you want to see when I make the video? One thing I do like is that I can see how full a server is and where everyone on the server is connecting from. I love to farm the DZ 05/06 and only see 5 or 6 circles on the map. That means all the supply drops are ours for the taking and not much chance of rogues coming after us, lol. Appreciate any comments
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