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Dirty Dog


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Having read some of the wild speculation surrounding the delayed release of DumaOS, I thought now might be a good ttime to point out there really are more important things in life to be worrying about.
Word has reached me that our once great and fearless leader, Mr John Dillinger, has been rendered incommunicado by a particularly aggressive strain of flesh-eating bug. 
I'm told it ate away his arms, then his legs and finally his body before it was brought under control. Now, he is reduced to just a head on a pillow on a life support machine.
My dilemma is, what to buy him for his upcoming birthday? He already has plenty of hats.
All suggestions welcome.


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In light of current events, an inspired idea, Mr Boom.


Just last night his live-in BFF (three-dollar Bill) called to say the bug is back with a vengeance. Latest prognosis is within a couple of weeks' JD set to lose both ears.


And to think I nearly bought the poor bastard sunglasses. 


9mm avoided.. phew!

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