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WIFI just vanishes for both 2.4 and 5Ghz

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Hi. As the title says, it just vanishes for no apparent reason with no changes made to the wifi itself.
The LED lights were set to off on the router. When i turn it back on, even the Wifi On/Off button at the top is not light up. Pressing the Wifi button just not make it light or nor does it turn the WIFI on.
Any way to fix this?


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Hi. Sure. Sorry for the late reply. Did not have the time to test the backup again due to many home automations in the house depending on WiFi at any point of time.

Alas, I had the time now and I now know how to use the WiFi button on the router. lol

So it seems the backup settings are useless in this situation to replicate the bug that turned off WiFi by itself. For now, I'll rule it out as maybe my cat was curious and stepped on the router's WiFi button for 2 seconds that turned off the WiFi for now. But if the issue resurfaces, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks once again for the fast response.!  :)

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