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Couple of Questions

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Hi guys, 


Quick questions of things i've noticed since having the XR500. Firstly is it possible that some dedicated servers could appear that are showing as peer? I ask because I was playing WW2 last night on the PS4 and I noticed I was constantly connected to peers but after looking at the domain I noticed it saying multiplay uk rather than unnamed so my inner Sherlock looked online and it looked like a game server company 


Secondly when in a party that i'm hosting all the peers show that they are within my geo filter but my friend who is also in the party with spectating mode on can see that people within the party are well outside of the geo filter is there any chance you could explain that? 


Thanks as always  :)

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1. Yes that's absolutely possible, good work Sherlock!  :P If you provide us with the ID's of any that you find then we can add them to the dedicated server cloud.

2. Could be your locations/radius distance are different. That would make sense. Otherwise the cloud applies the same across all devices so wouldn't show the same IPs in different locations. Unless the cloud versions were different but this is unlikely. Flush the cloud in the Geo-Filter Map just in case.

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