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I need a Fast VPN for my streaming and gaming needs

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First and foremost, a VPN is like a handbrake on your internet connection because all packets travelling to and from your computer are encrypted. If your connection is 100Mbit+, expect to get a consistent international speed of no more than 30Mbps over VPN, regardless of provider.


I wouldn't advise using a VPN for streaming because it is bandwidth-hungry. Even watching a YouTube video can be slow-going if your VPN server isn't local. Expect it to be worse on upload, which typically has much slower connection speeds.


A VPN connection for MP gaming is only really recommended to prevent a DDoS attack and it should be ok for that purpose because game netcode isn't bandwidth-intensive. But it is also likely to add substantial lag to your connection, which is the exact opposite of what you want for gaming.


A VPN is great for torrents and geo-blocking, but gaming...not so much.

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Try VPNs which don't choke speed and are quickest while browsing and as admin has already said, the server location is of sheer importance here otherwise it will not affect on latency. Fastest VPN for PC will surely help you to sort your mind for browsing, streaming or gaming purpose. But specially for gaming purpose, don't buy any vpn untill you have spoken to their support first about their servers locations. The more the servers the better for your gaming purpose. I hope I am being clear and helpful here. 

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First thing's first; First of all don't ever fall prey to free VPN apps. They are slow and would spam the hell out of you with advertisements. Secondly, only go for paid online gaming VPN software that'll cost a little but your pings and lags in the online gaming sessions would significantly be reduced. Now, there are things to look for when buying a gaming VPN:


  1. VPN Servers and their locations
  2. Protocols they provide (L2TP is  best for gaming and SOCKS5 Proxy)
  3. The response time of their customer support
  4. Monthly & yearly price discounts 

Moreover, I would have suggested software like WTFast and Killping that are dedicated for this purpose but buying a VPN is a more sane decision as you'll also be able to access restricted websites on the web with a VPN. So, the more the merrier, and VPN is the way to go. 

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