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Pro Innocence is the MAN

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Okay like many people I have had issues with BO3 I have not enjoyed the game due to poor hit detection and getting my ass kicked game in game out . Bumped into Pro Innocence on Wednesday night and he also kicked my ass like everybody else so I raged quit again !! Anyway he messaged me and suggested the following settings

Geo - in the ocean small as possible

PA - 35 which is 10 above my usual ping

Pre emptive rather than reactive

These simple changes for me in the Uk on fibre 80/20 have made a world of difference and for the last 3 days I have had great hit detection whether FFA / TD / KK . This is the first time in many months I have enjoyed COD on the XB1 , it's been playing like BO2 or MW3 on the 360 ... Really happy at last

Thanks Pro much appreciated

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