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Does anyone own AW on ps4 and Xbox one


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I have both AW in both consoles, I am from Spain so not dedicated servers.

Before netduma and ping assist aw was better on ps4 because Spain was crowded of host and it found servers very quick.

Now with ping assist and not having to use strict mode at all I prefer playing in xbox.

Speaking truth on Xbox I have something like prestige 4 1.2k/d and in ps4 something like 50 level and 1.8k/d.

I have played more in xbox because I only play on ps4 when I am alone :/


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I have it on both systems, that is to say I don't really like AW, the game is still buggy and needs sorting.


Even with good aim, good ping, the game lags, not necessarily the netcoding, but the game engine itself, SHG need to sort it out, so on both systems it feels the same to me.

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