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It's currently in open beta, you can download it here w/ some instructions provided by the great Iain himself.




I can't stress this enough, read the following upgrade instructions carefully. I do not want to support people who don't read the instructions. If you don't it can take over an hour just to get basic Internet back. So please read very carefully.


  1. Download this file netduma.com/firmware/R1-v-1-02-7b.sig
  2. Go to upgrade section on the router
  3. Go to advanced section
  4. keep the "preserve settings" TICKED, I repeat DO NOT UNTICK this
  5. keep the "check version" TICKED
  6. Upload the file you just got and click upgrade
  7. Wait till it takes you to the main page
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Guest Netduma Fraser

I'm having 4 pulsing large circles is what I'm saying.


Its quite possible youre the host as multiple large circles means youre host :)

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Guest Netduma_Iain

Hi everyone,


Thanks for the help Red but your post may have confused him slightly. Things have changed since .6 to .7. So the rules for determing host are these. First you must be in a game, actually playing to determine host. You can't determine host in lobby or at menu. If you're in a game then the host is:

  1. If there is one circle larger than the rest it is the host
  2. If that is not the case all circles will be big and that means you are the host

Hope that helps clarify. 

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