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Last Man Standing on Call of Duty: AW is coming to Gamerz on Friday 11th of september at 8pm. Last Man Standing has been a popular one night event hosted by XGL on previous Call of Duty Titles on sites such as the WGL and XBCL over the years and is now an event hosted on gamerz league central. bring your mates and signup to this first last man standing event.

Last Man Standing is a one night FFA event hosted in a 16 player private lobby on Call of Duty: AW on XBOX ONE. The aim of the event is to become the Last Man Standing at the end of the evening, we start the event with a lobby of 16 players and after each map the bottom 2 players of the lobby is knocked out of the event until 4 players remain. The final map is played with the last 4 players who fight to become the Last Man Standing.


game chat will be used and not party chat due to the amount of players in the lobby the first few maps will be chaos and full of action and when their is lesser players on the maps later in the evening the games become more tactical.




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