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Incoming conections stats.

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i want to buy the Netduma when i get the money at the end of the Month.

I have really usefull suggestion. "Flood feature" is cool but what when someone is flooding you knowng also as DDOS.

If it trains your whole bandwidth you cant do anything. It would be nice to see where the DDOS comes from, IP or something.

everything that is over 150kb/s should be shown not everything like the little updates that use 10-15kb/s and you have a endless list of connections.

You can just set a filter where you type lets say 200kb/s and it shows you only all connections above 200kb/s and you can see the IP adress that connects do you with over 200kb/s so you could block later the IP for future DDOS.

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Hi DerPolacke


That's a good suggestion however you can't block DDoS like that. Because it will ignore it and just flood connection till it dies. That's why you need to use our VPN-Hybrid solution :)


You make a good point though anti-flood sounds like DDoS protection we may need to rename that

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