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Hi forum members!
I want to share my experience with you on fighting against Skolas LVL 35 and show how close this match was. We finished it on the last second of the game - almost failed. My friends and I were trying to beat him last week several times but failed every time because lightswitch was on in the last round. Any foe could 1 hit kill you with a melee attack. Last week we weakened him to 1/3 of his life bar but it got too chaotic and we died. 

I know for some people this is not impressing by any means and some 12 year olds would say that they beat Skolas with low damage weapons but this gameplay shows why I like gaming and what it's like to have real fun with your friends (for me at least). Unfortunately the Ps4 did not record our ingame voice chat (or i don't know how to set it up). 
The most exciting part of the gameplay is in the middle so if you don't want to watch the whole thing skip it to the end.
I think the more you do Skolas lvl 35 the easier it gets to beat him but sometimes you just have bad luck. 
All Destiny players know what I mean. The foes deal often a huge amount of damage and have aimbots. 

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