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Network Monitor - Uploading a Youtube Video


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Guest Netduma Luke

That's a actually quite standard - uploading (and often downloading) is done in clumps like that. I'm not sure why - i'm sure abc or Iain will know though.


Learn something new everyday eh?

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Guest Netduma_Iain

I think the is probably a youtube bespoke congestion algorithm. They are so big it costs them money to transfer data so if I was them I would not upload all at once incase the user cancels the upload or stops watching the video. So you only want to be a be a bit ahead.


What Luke is referring to is the tcp congestion control saw tooth pattern. Computers don't know the available bandwidth end to end. The naive approach is to send as fast as possible problem is the internet will collapse when this happens. In fact this happened in the late 80s I believe.


The solution? Keep increasing your sending rate to find the max speed. As soon as you see a dropped packet assume it's a sign your sending to fast. So half the rate and continue probing. Over time this appears like a saw tooth.


A bit simplified but I hope it makes sense


Edit sent from phone sorry for spelling

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