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[SOLVED] Why are there so many unnamed devices on my Netduma?

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I recently had a problem with my Netduma, which Iain kindly helped me solve, so just very quickly posting a solution if anyone else gets it.


Before I start, its worth mentioning I was running the .7 beta when I ran across this problem.


So, I got the beta, as soon as I got it did a factory reset. I had no issues.


A couple of days later, I needed to factory reset me Netduma again (because I added an extra device to the GeoFilter to test and it wasn't tidy).


So I factory reset and most of my devices were unnamed whereas they had automatically been detected by the Netduma previously.




So I think one of the issues may have been that I was using a different device for WiFi around my house.


I identified that my iPhone for example hadn't been detected whereas other iPhones in my house had.


Iain recommended turning the WiFi on my iPhone on and off and this then detected it and brought the name up.


So instead of going around my whole house turning the WiFi on every device on and off, I just turned the Apple Airport (the device I use for WiFi) on and off.


If this does not work, I suggest manually going and turning each device's WiFi on and off.


Hope that this helped! :)

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