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CoD AW Xbox one Traceroute


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Hello guys 


Just tried out the router with a friend from France. So first thing I noticed is that he shows up in the northern region of Paris which obviously isn't right as he lives in the middle south of France.

How can that be?


The next thing I noticed is that the traceroute I made to him makes my signal go all the way to the USA to get back to the him in France how can that be as obviously this would make the packets waste a lot of time for nothing....

You can see this on this picture:

Can someone clear me up on why this happens? is it possible to prevent something like that at all ? 



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Are you both on the same ISP?


if so, contact that ISP with the following:

HIS Modem MAC Address and public IP address

You Modem MAC Address and public IP address


inform them that the routing between you two is wrong sending them the traceroute or just reading it to them.


if you are on different ISPs, you can try the above w/ one difference:

Each of you will need to contact you own respective ISP...



Please Note, this can take 48 hours for them to make it take effect.

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