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Netduma Andy

1.0.3 Release Notes

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This update brings full Adblocker support to the app! Along with adblocker there are many improvements across the board focused on polishing the existing sections of the app, these changes include improved loading screens, plenty of styling tweaks and of course plenty of bug fixes.

Release Notes

  • Adblocker support!
  • Smooth loading screens across the app
  • Improved feature handling for different routers/modems
  • Various styling fixes/improvements to unify the look of the app
  • Fixed Traffic Priority scrolling issue
  • Fixed Geo-Filter devices sometimes ignoring suggested default
  • Fixed Geo-Filter restrictions which allowed you to incorrectly configure your devices, breaking some games
  • Fixed Geo-Filter RPC error dialog appearing when overlapping filters are detected
  • Fixed Geo-Filter error when setting radius to 0km
  • Fixed QoS legends to not wrap on smaller screen devices
  • Fixed QoS share excess causing lag spike
  • Fixed exporting diagnostics on Android 10+
  • Fixed some random hard crashes on Geo-Filter and QoS
  • Fixed first launch welcome screen appearing multiple times
  • Fixed some blurry icons

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