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Looking for a new chair

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I had my taxes done for 2018 recently and I'm expecting a big refund. What I am planning on doing is using some of the money from it to buy myself a new chair. The one I'm sitting in now is uncomfortable, especially when sitting in it for long periods of time. I got my current chair last year because my old chair broke and I needed a new one immediately and I was on a tight budget. One year later and it's already showing signs of wear and tear from normal everyday use, ie the pleather is cracking on the armrests, the gas pump is not staying up as it should, and some bolts came loose and fell off my chair, which I put back on. Before I get into what kind of chair I'm looking for, let me share with you all a little information about myself and my current needs.


I am someone who's 6'5" and I weigh about 400 pounds. (For anyone wondering, my current chair is rated to support people up to 450 pounds.) I sit in my current chair for many hours every day, anywhere from 6-10+ hours and after a while, my butt hurts and I have to get up to relieve the pain. Of course, I do get up from my chair and leave my man cave to take care of normal everyday tasks such as taking care of errands, cleaning the house, going to the bathroom, etc. My current chair rolls around on carpet that isn't too deep and the wheels don't get tangled up at all ever. I also like to relax in the chair and lean back, but not too far back that I'm practically on the floor. My current chair did have the ability to recline with its back, but it can't seem to do so anymore. The space I currently have with my current chair is that it sits ~12" away from the left side of my bed with the remaining room taken up by my desk, meaning I have ~2' of forward and backward space to work with while having ~3' of space to move left and right while facing either my desk or my bed. My current chair, if I have to guess is ~12" wide, which is not wide enough for a big guy like me and at its highest hight is ~3 or 3.5' from the ground, which isn't very high and at its lowest feels like I'm sitting on the floor, which is ~12" off the ground. I think that covers most of the important stuff, now I'll go ahead and transition into what I've done as far as research is concerned and what my price range is like.


When it comes to price, money is a very big object and I don't want to break the bank if possible. My price range is no more than $700 as I don't want to spend my entire tax refund on a new chair. While searching for a chair within that price range while also keeping my body and personal needs in mind along with what I intend to use the chair for, I have been researching this topic and have come across 2 different chairs that seem to suit my needs; the E-Win Formula + series gaming chair and the DxRacer Tank series gaming chair. From what I've seen, it seems that the E-Win chair is the better chair of the 2, however, I need to know which of these is going to suit my needs best and which one will last longer than a couple of years. I'm looking for a chair that will last at least 5 years, preferably more and I'm also looking for one that I can sit in for hours on end without getting cramps in either my butt or my back. Although I only listed these 2 chairs, that doesn't mean that I'm not interested in looking at other chairs either. If you have any suggestions on a chair that you like or you sit in currently, feel free to share your thoughts and also if you can, please include a link to where you purchased your chair. Thank you all for your time and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about chairs.

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