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IP address wont show... Possible VPN issue?

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Hey all as the title suggests im having issues with sites which i use to test ping over a period of time (think broadband). This only happens when using the netduma as i have not had any issues when using my asus. Im not sure whats causing it on the duma and i always keep vpn off so im open to ideas. 

Possible related symptoms: 

When i try to see my IP on websites i get this

Your public IP address

 + Im not sure if this is related but i cant also seem to use dsl reports anymore, when i try to run a test it measures download fine but when uploading it crashes out and gives an error message. Connection dropped during upload.

for anyone who is wondering im on BT and my connection is Dreytek vigor modem > R1 (all tests i do are wired) I have tried to reset everything but just cant seem to get the above issues fixed. 

Anyway thnx! 


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