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Hi All!


I have just upgraded my Router to the XR500 Nighthawk Gaming Router.


The only major barrier I have come up against is the connection to my collection of Sonos wireless speakers (Sonos Play:1's & a Playbar). Normally to change the network setup for these speakers it involves plugging them firstly in via the LAN, then doing a configuration to the new network.


The speakers are visible when on the LAN, and I try to complete the process, however when it comes to the step of them talking to the wifi the Sonos app gives me an error message saying there is no compatible network available. I have read another forum post suggesting this router is just incompatible with Sonos speakers. Is this truly the case? I kind of expect the latest premium router to connect to quite common premium wifi speakers???


Any guidance people could provide would be great. If the router is truly incompatible then this is a deal breaker for me, and I'll need to return.




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