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When will new VPN clients be supported for Netgear XR500?

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I am currently running a Netgear XR500 router with NetDumas OS V2.3.2.22.  I am trying to set up a VPN like Private Internet Access or NordVPN on this router.  It appears the only client currently supported is HideMyAss.  I refuse to use the HMA service for obvious privacy reasons. I have seen other posts referencing that you can use a Ubiqiti router to achieve this VPN implementation.  However, this router is already $300, and I am not spending another $100 just to achieve functionality that my current router already claims to have.  SO, enough of a rant, my question is simple, when, if ever, will a router firmware update be released to support other VPN clients?  If this simple update is not implemented soon, I will be returning this router and you will be losing a Netgear customer. Thank you for your time.


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