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XR500 wired ethernet connection slower than 5G wifi

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Hello everyone, 


I really do like the XR500 and its features, thats why I planned to use it as the router in my home network. Since like forever wired connections are better than wifi connections I wired every room, especially for my gaming consoles. After setting everything up I encountered a strange problem: Wifi connections in 5G are significantly faster on the speedtests of fast.com and speedtest.net. My provider Cable connection is 100Mb down.


Ofc I first thought about the wiring, so I disconnected everything and hooked a client single line directly into the XR500 without a switch. I also used a different cable, not the cables I walled in every room. 


Testing config was this: Modem -> XR500 -> Client. I used a new Cat7 and a Cat6a cable, tested both with a (cheap) cable tester. Clients have been a notebook, XBOX One X, LG Oled C7. I tested with QoS enabled and disabled and tried different settings for Anti Bufferbloat. No change, my mobile, the TV, the XBOX and my surface in the 5G wifi got 100Mb download, all the wired tests led to only 40 - 60Mb download.


I even tried my old ASUS Dark Knight router, here I have the 100Mb. 


I have no idea what the problem is, but I am quite sure, it is not the wiring or the clients, since they work on the ASUS router. I would be very happy, if someone has a good idea what I am maybe missing here.


Thx and cheers,








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