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New router kicking playstation offline every 10 minutes

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I upgraded routers to a netgear ac1750 and am having some issues with my playstation now. All other devices are working great.  But I am getting kicked off my connection on playstation every 10 minutes or so which makes playing online pretty much useless.  


Wired connection shows a psn sign in fail and a upload speed a terrible 17.5kbps while download is at 6.3 mbps


wifi connection will sign in to psn and give me an upload speed of 1.0 mbps and download of 6.1 mbps


I tried lowering my mtu to match my ping response.  I feel like that gave me a little more time in game, but I still got kicked off routinely.  It wasn't for very long, I would be reconnected almost instantly, but it was enough to boot me from the match. 


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