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Modem to Nighthawk S8000 to X10 with Link Aggregation

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Newbie here in first stages of creating media networking setup:

3000 long flat sq/ft house with Nighthawk X10 too far away from media room and other rooms needing wifi.  Looking to see if we can attach S8000 to SB8200 modem then create an aggregate link between the NightHawk S8000 and X10 which would then be centrally located in the center of the house and in direct line of site to media room.  In addition, we would like to attach our Aurora 7 to the S8000 via ethernet.  After that the 2nd stage would be to extend the wifi signal further both from the location of the X10 and the location of the modem to the garage via UAP-AC-PROs.



Can I do the First Stage without any additional routers and everything would work simultaneously without creating a drag on the system?  If the Aggregate Link is the right way to go would you recommend manual or LACP?


Thank you so much.  


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