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Router to work with TCL Roku enabled TV

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I am trying to set up my new XR500, it is some what slow on most my wifi devices ( phones, tv's, ect non gaming devices)  but they do work. My main problem currently is that when I have my TCL roku Tv ( brand new) connect to my wifi or wired in it will not allow me to open Prime Video (amazon video). I think it is one of the settings off with my router or  how strict my router is but I have changed multiple settings and nothing is working. i have tried connecting it to my 2.4ghz wifi under channel 11 as recommended bu that does nothing, also have connected to 5ghz wifi and it does not work either. i think that the setting or stictness the router is also the cause of all my devices being slow. I am currently running 450mbps spectrum internet. 


When I open amazon prime it just loads for a long time then say no network detected. I know it is not the tv because i can connect it to another internet source and it opens up immediately. I also know it is not the internet because Prime video will load on my other Smart tv (LG TV). I am thinking it has something to do with the router security or firewall or fireware blocking it. i am wondering if port forwarding would help but i can not find any info on Amazon servers or Prime video Serves to add the ports into the router. 


Any advise would be great.





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