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XR500 still reboots every day

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So I’ve been having this issue on and off since a couple weeks after I purchased this router from Best Buy.  I’d assumed that firmware updates would eventually fix the issue and actually thought it had a couple times, but no dice.  It seems pretty much totally random, here with myself and three kids someone is always online and normally one or more of us are gaming.  This is why I upgraded from the R1 to the XR500 cause I wanted the features that just kep5 being pushed back for the R1.  Always loved my R1 and I really like this when it works, but I’m tired of being kicked at random times both wireless and wired goes out and the router reboots daily again now.  I’m past my return period so I’m really hoping I’m not stuck going back to the R1 after spending another 300 bucks so I have a consistent connection.    


Cincinnati bell fioptics wired directly to the XR500 with 100 down 20 up normally.  Please if anybody has any insight or what’s fixed the others I’ve seen with the issue let me know.   Should I just start a support ticket or?  I’ve tried most all of what been discussed here and over on netduma forums already.   Thanks




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