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Ethernet not working through router, works through hub connected to router. Why?

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Hi there,

I have moved into a new house which has a wired network throughout. I was setting up and checking the network ports this afternoon and found that they were not working intially. I then plugged in a Netgear 8 port Hub into the router and plugged the LAN cable into this and the wired network is now working.


So basicllay, when connecting LAN cable direct connect to the router itself, the ethernet LAN does not work. Plugging in the Netgear 8 port hub into this same router and running the ethernet LAN through this they then work for some reason. Any ideas as to why? Or how to fix this?, does it really matter?


The router I have is a Netgear XR500 which runs DUMA OS. http://netgear.com/npg/xr500/



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