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Trouble accessing the XR500 dashboard using a mobile device

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I just got an XR500 router, specifically for the DumaOS features. Right now my desktop is out of commission, and personally, I don't see myself building a new pc soon, due to ridiculous memory, and video card prices.


Out of the box, the router works great. I used the Netgear Nighthawk app to setup the routers basics. I tried logging in to the router via Chrome(and every other browser I can think of on Android), and I can "get into" the dashboard. But it constantly gives me an error, see attached screenshot. Clicking on any of the icons does nothing. I tried rebooting while it sits on this screen, no luck.


So basically I'm sitting here with a 300 dollar router where I cant access 98% of its features. I have also tried pulling the desktop version of the site, no luck. Is there any way around this? Or do I have to wait for a dumaOS app to come out, that has been mentioned for months that it is coming....but when?


Anyone have any ideas?


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