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QoS not working with PPPoE connection !

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recently I have got my XR500 with DumaOS.

I discovered an issue, I am using fiber connection that requires VLAN tagging on WAN to get the internet working. 

when I put my fiber ONT in full bridge, set up the VLAN tag on the XR500 and configure the PPPoE connection, the QoS upload speed limit feature does not work at all, I mean that I limit the upload and download sliders to 70%, the download is limited okay but the upload is still giving full speed on speedtest.net and dslreports.com and buffering like hell. I am on last firmware, tried rebooting the router and factory defaults, no use.  


I figured out that QoS functioning properly only if I set my connection to anything other than PPPoE, which means not to put my ONT in bridge mode and connect the XR500 to it for getting local IP which will cause double NAT issue. 


thanks in advance !


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