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Xr500 Ethernet limited to 100Mbit

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Hello, I have gigabit service from my ISP.  When plugged in to the wall I at least get 250~500Mbit download speeds but when I try to download the same exact file from the same exact website (Microsoft in this case, downloading a Windows 7 ISO), when I'm wired in through my router using a Cat 5e cable, the download is limited to 100Mbit speed.  What's ever weirder is that when I run a speed test from the same computer, I consistently get 850~900 Mbit download speeds.  So what gives, why are the ethernet ports on my router only giving me 100Mbit?  Also I will mention that Windows is showing this computer to be connected to my router via ethernet at 1Gbps.  Yes, I've tried disabling QoS, no difference.  


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