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Nighthawk XR500 configuration for IPTV

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Hi everyone


I have spent the last few days trying to get an HT500a IPTV set top box working with my new XR500 router but I'm not having much luck. I have configured VLAN tagging with a tag group of 10 and priority of 0 (these are the settings recommended by Vodafone in New Zealand) but I can't get a signal through to the set top box. The eth1 LAN connection on the router light still glows orange and the TV shows "check your internet connection".


I tried making a change in WAN setup so that IGMP Proxying is enabled as I believe this is needed for IPTV.


I am not sure about NAT Filtering and whether or not this should be Secured or Open? The default value from the factory is "Secured". It doesn't seem to work with either option selected.


Has anyone else managed to get IPTV working with the new XR500 router? It should be much easier than the mucking around I've had to do.


Thanks in advance.




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