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XR500 Hide MY Ass VPN

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 Has anyone Set up the HMA VPN in the DUMA OS and seen a significant decrease in download speeds? I have been working with the crew at HMA VPN to try to resolve this issue and we have had no luck at all.  The odd thing about it is when I install the HMA app on my laptop, phone, and Mac, I lose maybe 20Mbps-50Mbps of overall download speed at the most. I do not have any major slowing down effects. When I use it through the DUMA OS app in the router, I go from 300Mbps down to 20Mbps download speed. We tried different servers, Different DNS settings, and the UDP Protocol with no change in speeds. 

 After working with HMA for the last week on this problem, they said that it is a DUMA issue, that they need to figure it out because there is nothing more that they could do. They mentioned that the firmware could be limiting the speed through the router. I'm using firmware

 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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