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Anti-bufferbloat, speed test, and "When High Priority Traffic Detected"

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I just bought my XR500 yesterday and set it up last night. I have anti-bufferbloat set to "When High Priority Traffic Detected" and the sliders each at 70% as recommended in the dashboard help and in other posts I've found here.


My normal speeds are around 60mb down and 5-6mb up. With the sliders set to 70%, it shows 42mb down and around 4mb up. When I run a speed test from my non-console devices--I've tried from a laptop, iPad, and iPhone--the test results show the speeds at almost exactly what the dashboard is showing they would be with bufferbloat enabled (the 42mb down and 4mb up), so it appears it's kicking in even when there is no high priority traffic. Shouldn't it only apply when I'm gaming when set to auto-detect? Maybe I'm confused about how it's supposed to work.


FWIW, I'm running the latest firmware.



- Jim



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