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2 PS4's won't stay connected at the same time...

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Current f/w version v2.1.0.4.


UPnP is allowing for open NAT on all 6 PS4's, which is phenominal!  However, once I start to connect PS4 # 2-6 everything goes bananas.  I start getting connect connect messages, NAT issues, and disconnects.  My setup is pretty simple.  I have aNetduma R1 as well and it does not have this issue.  I have moderate NAT type on PS4 #2-6 but they will not have any connection issues.  


SB8200 cable modem>xr500>netgear switch>6xPS4's


Please help.  If this is going to be an issue I'd like to know now so I can return this before time is up. Historically Netduma has taken years to resolve issues. ie: bugs in the congestion control flower, UPnP, slow gui, Duma OS release.  


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