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Fix for known XR500 issue: "R-app is not loaded yet. Please try again in a minute"

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If you are receiving the error message "R-app is not loaded yet. Please try again in a minute" after completing the welcome setup on your XR500 Gaming Router, please follow the steps below to fix this issue. This is a minor issue with the manufacturing (teething problems) that has no impact on software/hardware so everything will work as intended after these steps:


  1. Go to or http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm This will bring up the old Netgear UI in fullscreen (it won't look great but it is usable). Now manually upgrade to the latest version of the firmware by following the steps here:  https://kb.netgear.c...Version-2-1-0-4
  2. After the upgrade has completed, please wait for 3 - 5 minutes to give enough time for the new version to complete installation). 
  3. Try access or  http://routerlogin.net
  4. Everything should now be working but if it does not, please post in this topic

We are sorry if you are affected by this problem during your first experience of the router.


Thanks for your patience and have fun using DumaOS on your NETGEAR Gaming Router!



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